Alexis is a  very outgoing 2 year old. Her birthday is August 16th 2006.  

She loves riding her bike, playing with her brother, chasing her chiuhua Pepper around, and playing in her room. 

Her favorite cartoons are anything on Nick JR., Disney Channel, She also loves watching the Looney Toons. 

Right now she is in the process of getting potty trained! She is doing such a FANTASTIC job. I really think she is going to be able to get enrolled in pre-school this fall.   

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*   She is fully potty trained! We are all soo proud of her! She got a hamster as an early birthday present =-) We all can't wait for her cupcake birthday party

Wednesday 5/13/09

*     We were gone all day with Dyllan at the drs office, and Alexis didn't have ONE accident! YAY for Alexis. We are soo proud of her!!!!!